Lil Wayne Slapped With A Lawsuit Over Alleged 2021 Assault, Gun Threat By Former Bodyguard

Lil Wayne sued by former bodyguard

Lil Wayne has been sued by his former bodyguard, alleging that the rapper assaulted him and also issued gun threats in 2021. The bodyguard alleges that Lil Wayne pulled an assault rifle on him and also punched him in the ear.

Lil Wayne’s former bodyguard Carlos sues with alleged assault and pulling gun.

The alleged incident happened in 2021. According to a report by TMZ, former bodyguard Carlos Christian claims that Lil Wayne pulled a semiautomatic rifle to him and threatened to shoot him.

The court document further said that Carlos took the threat seriously as Lil Wayne had spent time in prison related to weapons charges. In 2021, TMZ reported about Christian calling the cops in Dec 2021, citing threats from Weezy with the same storyline in the court documents.

Christian told police that Lil Wayne physically assaulted him, flashing an AR-15. However, people close to Lil Wayne denied all the allegations and claimed that the rapper didn’t even have a gun.

Lil Wayne The Hidden Hill Home in CA
Lil Wayne Hidden House in CA, image courtesy: Fancy Pants Homes.

The incident reportedly happened in the rapper’s Hidden Hills, CA home. The court doc further shows the former guard claiming that he had to incur medical expenses, lost wages, and had to endure emotional distress due to the alleged assault.

He is suing Lil Wayne for compensation and punitive damages. Till now, no one from Lil Wayne’s side has spoken anything about the alleged lawsuit.

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In 2007 Lil Wayne was arrested due to possession of illegal weapons. He was sentenced to 1 year of jail time. He was released in 2010. During the jail time, he had used it to recharge himself.

During that time, he wrote many lyrics. Check out Lil Wayne’s music from Apple Music here.

The rapper was again found carrying weapons and bullets in a private jet in Dec 2019 and was arrested in 2020. He faced up to 10 years in prison. Later, he was pardoned by President Donald Trump.

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