“On Wednesdays We Sing! Mean Girls Musical Tops Box Office with Fetching $28 Million Debut”

Mean Girls

“On Wednesdays we wear pink,” but this weekend, moviegoers opted for another plastic mantra: “Fetch happens!” The much-anticipated live-action musical adaptation of the 2004 cult classic “Mean Girls” has landed at the top of the box office with a scorching $28 million opening. This triumphant debut, exceeding many analysts’ predictions, marks a glorious return to North Shore High for the Plastics and confirms the enduring reign of the “fetch” phenomenon.

Fetch Yourself to the Theater: Why the Mean Girls Musical is the Must-See Event of the Season:

Directed by Tony Award-winner Michael Mayer and featuring an infectious score by Jeff Richmond, the film blends the beloved original script with catchy new musical numbers. Lindsay Lohan, the iconic Cady Heron from the 2004 film, serves as an executive producer, passing the torch (and pink burn book) to Angourie Rice in the leading role. Joining Rice are an all-star cast of rising talents, including Reneé Rapp as Regina George, Auli’i Cravalho as Janis Ian, and Ja’Heim Hoagland as Damian.

Mean Girls
Bebe Wood, Avantika and Reneé Rapp in Mean Girls (Paramount Pictures image)

Critics have been divided on the film, with some praising its faithful adaptation and energetic musical numbers, while others found it a bit too saccharine compared to the original’s sharp bite. Regardless of critical reception, audiences appear to be wildly embracing the film, drawn by the nostalgia of classic lines (“You can’t sit with us!”), the infectious new music (“Jingle Bell Rock” 2.0, anyone?), and the timely themes of female empowerment and navigating the treacherous waters of high school.

With the “Mean Girls” musical dominating the box office, several factors likely contributed to its success:

  • Cult Classic Status: The 2004 film has cemented itself as a pop culture phenomenon, inspiring countless memes, quotes, and Halloween costumes. Its loyal fanbase was eager to experience the story in a new, musical light.
  • Star Power: While Lohan’s absence as Cady might have initially caused hesitation, the fresh-faced cast brings their own dynamic energy to the roles. Rice is already being hailed as a breakout star, and the chemistry between the Plastics is undeniable.
  • Timely Themes: Despite its teenaged setting, “Mean Girls” tackles issues like social media pressure, body image, and female competition that resonate with audiences of all ages. The musical adds new layers of depth, exploring these themes through song and dance.
  • The Power of Musical Comedy: Combining the wit of Tina Fey’s script with catchy Broadway-style tunes proved to be a winning formula. The film’s humor translates seamlessly to the musical format, resulting in laugh-out-loud moments and toe-tapping tunes.
Mean Girls
<em>Mean Girls <em>© 2022 Jenny Anderson

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The success of “Mean Girls” is a testament to the enduring power of a well-told story and the timeless appeal of high school shenanigans, teenage angst, and, of course, pink Wednesdays. Whether you’re a die-hard Plastics devotee or simply in the mood for a fun and catchy musical, “Mean Girls” is sure to fetch your attention and leave you humming its tunes long after the credits roll. Just remember, on Wednesdays, you have to see this movie. It’s the law.

So, grab your best friends, put on your pinkest outfit, and head to the theater. It’s time to relive the Plastics’ reign and sing along to a whole new generation of iconic “Mean Girls” moments. Just watch out for Regina’s flying mathlete trophy – and keep it plastic!

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