Coscientist – ChatGPT 4 AI-Powered Chemist That Can design reactions and make drugs on its own

Coscientist - ChatGPT4 AI chemist

Scientists have developed a ChatGPT 4-powered tool called Coscientist with the ability to crawl the scientific literature, design complex chemical reactions, and make drugs on its own including paracetamol and aspirin.

Meet Coscientist – The AI Chemist With ChatGPT 4.

Coscientist is a system developed with the help of ChatGPT-4 that can design, code, execute chemical reactions, and make compounds like paracetamol and aspirin. The Coscientist was first reported on 20 December 2023 in Nature.

Developed by Boiko et al., the large language model (LLM) tool can crawl the chemical literature and design chemical reactions based on human instructions.

“The team prompted the system to plan a synthesis for several known molecules, including the painkillers paracetamol and aspirin, and the organic molecules nitroaniline and phenolphthalein. In the planning stage, Coscientist was able to work out the steps that would give the best reaction yields overall. It made the molecules correctly.”

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“This is a great demonstration of how the literature can be explored using LLMs to help come up with ideas of feasible chemical reactions,” says Lee Cronin, a chemist at the University of Glasgow, UK.

However, right now, Coscientists can not make more complex experiments and reactions, and further improvement is going on.

Meet Coscientist - The AI Chemist With ChatGPT 4.

As it is connected to a robot arm, scientists and pharma chemists are expecting tools like this to become more popular in the future with an eye on automation.

“It’s not just a good understanding of chemistry that is needed, but also biology.” Tiago Rodrigues, a pharmaceutical chemist at the University of Lisbon.

This AI tool can perform most of the things a trained chemist can do, but it cannot perform drug discovery and other tasks. It basically gathers all the information from the internet and accurately performs the tasks of established reactions.

“I’m not interested in the idea of replacing people and their livelihoods, and their spark and their innovation and their drive,” Gomes, one of the authors of the article.

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