What Really Happened In BBC’s Viral Middle Finger Video? Full Video Out

BBC Middle finger Viral Full Video

BBC presenter Maryam Moshiri showed her middle finger in a bizarre way, and it made headlines. Now that the full video is out, more details are coming out.

BBC Presenter Middle Finger Viral Video

On Dec 8, 2023, a video from BBC went viral on social media. In the video, BBC presenter Maryam Moshiri was seen showing her middle finger on live TV and instantly switching character. The video below shows the initial viral video.

This sparked major online controversy given the fact that BBC is the public broadcaster of the UK government. She apologized on X (formerly Twitter) and said she was joking about the countdown with her colleagues.

BBC Viral Middle Finger Full Video Released

Days later, a 13-second full video of the whole bizarre incident surfaced on social media. It shows exactly what Maryam Moshiri said on her Twitter. Check out the whole video below:

She again said that she was glad after someone released the whole video. She said, “It wasn’t the BBC who released this and it certainly wasn’t me! But in a way I think I’m glad this is out there, as it shows I WAS having a bit of a joke with the crew during the countdown.”

After all, it was a simple mistake, not an intentional one. The camera caught seconds before and went life while the countdown still continued.

While this was a minor mistake, BBC is no stranger to controversies. Take a look at some of the controversies:

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