Beyond the Beam: 10 Surprising Facts About Simone Biles, the Queen of Gymnastics

Simone Biles

Simone Biles, Just the name alone evokes visions of leaps that defy gravity, eye-catching floor routines, and smiles big enough to fill a stadium. However, the story that lies beneath the Olympic gold medals and record-breaking feats is less well-known and is full of unexpected turns, hidden skills, and an unyielding spirit that shines even brighter than her trophies. So, step off the mat and delve into ten surprising facts about the woman who redefined gymnastics and inspired a generation:

Simone Biles

1. Simone Biles: From Humble Beginnings to Gymnastics Royalty:

Born in Columbus, Ohio, Foster care was where Simone’s journey started. Adopted by her grandparents when she was six years old, she found comfort and direction in the gym, where instructor Aimee Boorman’s close supervision allowed her gift to flourish. Simone’s unwavering commitment and natural ability catapulted her to the top despite her minimal resources, making her a legendary figure in gymnastics.

2. The Master of “Firsts”:

Historical revisionism is nothing new to Simone. She is the first American gymnast to accomplish a triple-double somersault on the floor exercise (called the “Biles”), the first to land a medal in every event at the World Championships, and the first to achieve a perfect 10 on all four apparatus at the U.S. Classic. Boundaries are designed to be broken, as seen by the impressive list of ground-breaking accomplishments she has amassed.

Simone Biles

3. More Than Just Medals: A Champion for Mental Health:

In 2021, Simone made a courageous decision to prioritize her mental well-being at the Tokyo Olympics, stepping back from competition to confront the immense pressure and trauma surrounding the sport. This act of vulnerability sparked a global conversation about mental health in athletics, paving the way for athletes to prioritize their well-being without stigma.

4. A Bookworm with a Hidden Talent:

Simone enjoys curling up with a good book when she’s not soaring into the skies. What genres does she prefer? Magic and enigma! She’s an expert at Rubik’s cubes, finishing them in record time; yet, her true skill isn’t solving imaginary problems. The queen of flips may also rule cubes—who knew?

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5. Sisterly Support: A Family Affair:

There are other Biles with star potential than Simone. Adria, her younger sister, is a gifted gymnast who deftly and gracefully follows in Simone’s footsteps. The sisters are very close to one another and encourage and support one another both on and off the mat.

Simone Biles

6. Fashion Icon in the Making:

Simone’s sense of elegance transcends the flashy leotards worn on the dance floor. Her new athletic brand, “Gold Medalist by Simone,” encourages women to be strong and self-assured in their flesh. Her designs combine comfort with a dash of runway style, and they are every bit as colorful and energetic as she is.

7. Business Savvy Beyond the Gym:

Simone is more than just an athlete; she’s a businesswoman. She’s invested in several ventures, including a mobile game called “Gold Medalist by Simone Biles,” where players can experience the thrill of gymnastics competitions firsthand. Her entrepreneurial spirit proves that there’s no limit to her success, even outside the realm of sports.

8. A World Beyond Gymnastics:

Simone is open to variety in her interests. She enjoys playing video games, spending time with her dogs, Lilo and Rambo, and even attempting her hand at cooking. Her enthusiasm for life goes well beyond the gym, and her well-rounded demeanor encourages followers to follow their passions.

Simone Biles
Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens’s Wedding in Cabo @Stanlo Photography

9. Giving Back: A Champion for Change:

Simone isn’t just a role model; she’s an advocate for social justice and equality. She uses her platform to speak out against racism, discrimination, and sexual abuse, particularly within the gymnastics community. Her voice resonates with millions, proving that true strength lies not just in physical prowess but also in using your platform to make a difference.

10. The Legacy in the Making:

Beyond her numerous gold and world records, Simone Biles is more than simply a machine. She represents fortitude, bravery, and acceptance of oneself. Young athletes and regular people are encouraged to pursue their aspirations and overcome their worries through her inspirational journey from foster care to the Olympic podium. One thing is certain: Simone Biles’ legacy is far from done as she continues to transform the sport and support worthwhile causes.

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