10 Broncos Facts That Will Gallop Past Your Knowledge

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are an NFL team steeped in history and tradition. From the “Orange Crush” defense to John Elway’s gunslinging days, the Broncos have etched their name in football lore. But beyond the familiar tales, lesser-known gems lie hidden, waiting to surprise even the most die-hard fan. So, saddle up and prepare to stampede through 10 fascinating Broncos facts that will leave you saying, “Whoa, I didn’t know that!”

1. Broncos – Mile High Magic Isn’t Just About Altitude:

While the thin air at Empower Field at Mile High undoubtedly gives the Broncos an edge, their home stadium holds another unique distinction. It’s the only NFL venue with a permanent art collection, featuring over 100 sculptures and murals throughout the complex. Take a stroll before the game and discover artistic gems like the soaring “Mustang” sculpture or the poignant “Spirit of the Bronco” statue.

2. Orange You Glad They Chose Blue and Orange?

The Broncos’ iconic colors weren’t always a sure thing. Team founder Gerald Hoffman initially favored orange and white, but a Denver department store contest swayed public opinion towards blue and orange. The rest, as they say, is colorful history.

the Broncos
Russell Wilson and the Broncos might be on their way to the playoffs, taking another key step in beating the Browns on Sunday. (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)

3. From Horseshoes to Super Bowls:

The Broncos’ logo, a rearing bronco, has undergone several iterations throughout the years. But did you know the original design featured a horseshoe encircling the horse? The horseshoe symbolized good luck, a sentiment that translated nicely into three Super Bowl victories.

4. A Stadium Named After…A Steakhouse?

Before Empower Field at Mile High, the Broncos called Mile High Stadium home. But the stadium’s original name? Invesco Field at Mile High. The naming rights belonged to a local investment company, Invesco…which just happened to be owned by the chairman of the Broncos at the time. Talk about synergy!

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5. A Running Back with a Kicking Past:

Terrell Davis, the Broncos’ Hall of Fame running back, wasn’t always a ground-pounding gridiron hero. In high school, he was the starting kicker! His talent didn’t go unnoticed, as he even earned a college scholarship for his kicking prowess before switching to running back.

6. A Mascot with a Mile-High Appetite:

Miles the Mascot isn’t just your average furry cheerleader. This orange Mustang munches on a whopping 50 pounds of carrots per game! Talk about fueling the team spirit…literally.

7. A Championship-Caliber Canine Connection:

For three Super Bowl titles, the Broncos had a secret weapon on the sidelines: a golden retriever named Jake. This good boy served as the team’s emotional support dog, offering furry comfort and stress relief to players and coaches alike.

8. A Touchdown for Teachers:

The Broncos are champions on and off the field. Their Teacher Appreciation Night program recognizes outstanding educators in the community, showering them with game tickets, autographed merchandise, and even the chance to run onto the field with the team!

9. More Than Just Touchdowns:

The Denver Broncos organization is deeply committed to giving back. Their charitable arm, the Denver Broncos Foundation, has donated over $100 million to support education, youth development, and healthcare initiatives throughout Colorado.

10. The Future is Orange and Blue:

The Broncos’ rich history is just the beginning. With a talented young roster and a passionate fanbase, the future in Denver is bright. So, whether you’re a seasoned Broncos believer or just discovering the magic of Mile High football, remember these hidden gems the next time you cheer on the orange and blue. After all, who knows what fascinating stories the Broncos will gallop into the record books next?

So there you have it, ten Broncos facts that will make you the ultimate trivia champion. Share them with your friends, impress your fellow fans, and remember, there’s always more to discover when it comes to the Denver Broncos. Now, go forth and spread the orange and blue gospel!

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