MrBeast’s Video Winner Suzie Taylor Spends $185,000 Prize On Others

She is passing down the happiness with others & you can be one of them.

How Suzie Taylor Won $185,000 In MrBeast Video?

She and another person had to stay for 100 days trapped in a room. Long story short, her share is $185K and now she is giving back what she won.

Buying all flowers from a seller.

Taylor bought all flowers from a roadside seller. She spent $100 & was so happy to see the seller being so happy and looking up for God in the sky.

Buying a favorite toy for a kid

She bought a kid her favorite toy for $65. Shockingly, the kid said she doesn’t watch MrBeast.

Suzie Taylor Icecream For Everyone In A Store

 Suzie treated everyone in line to ice cream, turning strangers into instant friends with $269 of frozen happiness.

Tipping $200 to a waitress, the highest for the waitress till now

And let’s not forget Melissa, the cashier, whose biggest tip just got doubled to a cool $200 thanks to Suzie’s generosity.

Suzie Taylor donated and spent time with a homeless & her dog

Mio got a treat with some much-needed dog food, while Cindy, a homeless woman, received $100 and a care package.

Family First: Anniversary Wishes and Honey Bear Hugs

Suzie’s heart didn’t forget her own. Witnessing her parents’ long-awaited 25th-anniversary trip finally becoming a reality by spending $15K.

Giving away 5 $100 Visa Gift Cards

Suzie Taylor is giving away 5 $100 worth gift cards to 5 lucky winners. All one have to do is subscribe to her YouTube Channel and follow her on Instagram.

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